van der Knaap vioolbouw

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3741 BP Baarn.

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Violins In our range of violins we offer our own instruments for sale, whether or not built by us, and violins owned by third parties for which we act as intermediary.   If you are interested, please contact us. read more


Certificated A number of instruments we offer are supplied with a certificate. That is a declaration by an independent expert about authenticity of a historical instrument or about the genuineness by the maker read more


Baroque We offer newly-built and sometimes restored authentic instruments for old music. read more


Violas We offer violas in all regular sizes (for children as well) and in various qualities. From training violas for the beginner to master instruments for the professional artist. read more


Bows We offer bows in various price ranges and models. New bows made by contemporary craftsmen and older often very sought-after bows, sometimes made by famous makers. read more


Violoncellos For the demanding violoncellist we have handmade instruments. Sometimes recently built, sometimes built centuries ago. We offer for sale the full-size cello and sometimes the 7/8 cello. read more