van der Knaap vioolbouw

Beukenlaan 20a
3741 BP Baarn.

Tel : 035-54 241 83

Tuesdays to Fridays
13.30 to 17.30 uur

10.00 to 16.00 uur

About us

The creation of our company lies in an inspired period in the eighties when love of
classical music led to an unbridled urge to............................yes, to what?
To a form, but which one?
Attempts to learn to play an instrument did not satisfy my “hunger” for a form of expression when as in a vision building/restoring violins came along.
Not impeded by any knowledge or relevant experience a self-taught man emerged and thanks to the support of professional musical friends the result was such that soon I wanted to become serious:
therefore I started retraining and undertook internships abroad.
My passion led me to a new life (by then I was over 40 years old).
Starting my company meant generating publicity because building instruments is one thing but selling them is quite another.
It all started in the spare room but this soon became too small and we moved to our first workshop.
In brief, after three moves and increasing professionalism we came to our present location.
After 25 years we are no longer a one-man business but a company with personnel.

In the photo from left to right:
Sanskaro van der Knaap (founder), Welmoedt Huijgen (life partner and partner in the company)
Laura de Boer (employee/musician) and Kimon Argyropoulos (employee/violin builder)


“By the power of music we walk cheerfully through the dark night of death”

(Tamino and Pamina in Die Zauberflöte)